Ghari HORMOZI wanted to highlight, humor, this very important characteristic in all his works, and not only in those here.


Just like the beauty, the humor of his art is an embellishment for existence. The comedy of life is to be found in many works of the painter who deals with his own humor with the imperfections of our world, a humor far removed from the classical aesthetic criteria of representation.


The painter’s humor is mainly found in facial motifs. Vamos a la playa with joyful and fanciful forms, in their form, are more like a fish than characteristic features of human morphology. The eyes are wide open, a sign of intense emotion; the mouth is closed, while restraint, leaving however appear a smile beginning. In us too, the game relaxes tensions; our laughter plays, amuse and dances in contact with this pictorial comic.


The robot, more impersonal, also invites laughter, by its funny elastic morphology which unfolds freely, with also a lot of poetry.

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