GHARI HORMOZI, was born into an aristocratic  family of Art Collectors, theorists and public service advertising experts. He is graduated in mathematics.

In 1975 he left Tehran for Switzerland to settle there permanently. In Switzerland he studied economics until 1980, when he started painting with the encouragement of his parents. He was so fascinated by the beauty that he has not stopped creating and painting anymore.

That year marked the turning point for him to move into the world of art through the interest of his, parents. his father bought materials for his mother to paint landscape paintings, flowers, with oil colors. The beauty of the paintings thus made by his mother constituted for Ghari Hormozi a call to painting, an incentive to the urgency of painting.

His first pictures contained only creative forms and colors. His parents loved his work and since then he has not stopped painting, experiencing the extent of possible approaches of his artistic field: abstract art, figurative, and finally humor.

Much of his secret collection is owed to his mother, as far as retrieving castaways from public garbage containers on empty streets at midnight.

“After two months of careful evaluation, we have no doubts that in color he has arrived at the level of a master.”   Ravi Paranjape, The Ravi Paranjape Art Foundation India

 “I thank you again for having communicated to me the photographs of your paintings which I find original and inventive.”  The Brut Art Collection of Lausanne, Switzerland

“Therefore, Ghari Hormozi is a confirmed artist who could time tolerate before finally presenting his work.”   Aymeric Woirin

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