Ghari HORMOZI paints universes that are not reflections or reproductions of our concrete world, but universes that exist by themselves, with their own aesthetics, their own way of existence. Each painting is a self-sufficient, unlimited, borderless world, like our solar system and its planets, an abstract, heavenly world.

There is no more heaviness of the soil, no moral weight, no shadow or contrast; Only a kind of light, subtle, aerial floating through all the works, a sort of atmospheric bubble in which all the elements would be suspended.


In weightlessness, each element revolves around the others, all in perfect balance, in shapes and colors. The impression of harmony is imposed purely instinctively; it conditions the whole of the picture in which the content, the void and the proportions all have equal importance in a perfect geometry.


This art of arranging the various elements while in balance is reflected in the ornamental and decorative aspect of the painting.


With care, refinement, softness and subtlety, the painter uses ornamental techniques to deploy the full range of his feelings. With a care for detail, the meticulousness and delicacy of the line, each figure expresses a particular feeling.

The painter translates and differentiates his emotions through the intensity and variety of colors. In this paradisiacal and enchanted space, life spreads its entire splendor, without dispersing itself. Everything is at the same time constrained and contained by the simplicity of the figurative lines which allow a certain distance and restraint in the face of the emotion that colors provide.


If all these universes are unreal and abstract, the containers that animate them are on the other hand figurative.

Ghari HORMOZI is very fond of the figurative part of his works, for it is an element that has always been present in his paintings since his first creations.

The figurative elements of his compositions refer to the existents of the real world. The particular forms recall existing realities, but purified and simplified. The faces, symbolized by the shape of the mouth, have no body. The spectator feels no discomfort; he loves where everything is harmonious, fluid, supple, lively, mastered and beautiful, the beauty of a complete and complete universe.


Such is the dream world of Ghari HORMOZI, his inner vision, which expresses all his emotions, a palette of feelings and impressions that the artist wishes to share with everyone.

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